Illinois School District Money at Risk


The Chicago Tribune has an article describing a feud between Illinois Governor Rauner and the Democrats that control the legislature.  The State budget agreement included a provision inserted by Democrats that would force the Governor to sign into law a new school funding formula.

The new formula would distribute less money to the Chicago Public Schools.  The debate returns to the issue of pension funding, with one side saying that the Chicago Public Schools skipped or skimped on pension payments over the past 13 years.  The other side is saying that State did not stand by a pledge to provide the Chicago Public Schools at least 20% of what the State spends on teacher pensions for the suburbs and downstate.

The bottom line is that school funding is at risk.  Rauner and the legislature have only a few weeks to resolve this issue before schools are scheduled to open.  Shutting down schools would likely anger parents throughout the State.

Chicago Tribune article